Cincinnati Airport Cuts One-Third of Security Queue Time

6. March - 2015

CVG decision makers wisely chose to install a sensor solution and analysis platform to improve passenger satisfaction and optimize operations, as the benefits exceeded expectations. Initial studies show a 33% reduction in queue times. ( Cincinnati, USA / Vodskov, Denmark – March 6. 2015 ) – Since last summer, Cincinnati/Northern...

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Mobile Phones Improve Passenger Experience at Brussels Airport

24. February - 2015

Brussels Airport sees success and extends the use of BlipTrack data-collecting sensors to improve services and operations in one of Europe´s soon to be largest security screening areas. Optimizing one of Europe´s largest airport security areas. One of the most striking innovations at Brussels Airport is the new Connector, a...

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The New BlipTrack Indoor Sensor Now Comes in Two Colors

19. February - 2015

The improved and more elegant version of the BlipTrack Indoor sensor is now offered in the colors off-white and lava-grey. The new indoor sensor has some unique new features, compared to the previous BlipTrack L2i sensor, such as a new directional antenna design, which enables more accurate positioning of detected WiFi-devices and...

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New and Improved BlipTrack WiFi Traffic Sensor Introduced

1. December - 2014

We are proud to introduce the new and MUCH smaller BlipTrack WiFi Traffic sensor. The sensor is 3 pounds (1,5kg) lighter, 90% smaller and has 30% less power consumption, than the previous sensor. The decreased size and weight also makes the sensor easier to handle and mount.   The Bliptrack...

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Port Help Drivers Find the Fastest Route to the Highway

13. November - 2014

A new traffic solution that in real-time displays the fastest route from the Port of Aalborg and to the E45 highway, is tackling the increasing congestion problems at both the Port of Aalborg and the eastern part of the city. At the same time, the port also hopes that the...

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Partnership to Help Ease Traffic in Belgium Announced

18. August - 2014

Danish information technology company BLIP Systems and Belgian data processing experts Made4it have announced a strategic partnership to help understand and ease traffic congestion in and around major events in Belgium. Made4it is now offering BlipTrack: a solution that analyzes and visualizes data collected in areas such as road traffic,...

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BlipTrack deployed in Neighboring Copenhagen Municipalities.

20. June - 2014

The city of Roskilde is placing 30 sensors which will help the municipality create a documented overview of the traffic challenges, as well as evaluate future improvement initiatives. In the city of Slagelse the solution is established as part of the evaluation of the reduction of bus journey times around...

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