Partnership to Help Ease Traffic in Belgium Announced. (August 18th, 2014)

Danish information technology company BLIP Systems and Belgian data processing experts Made4it have announced a strategic partnership to help understand and ease traffic congestion in and around major events in Belgium.

Made4it is now offering BlipTrack: a solution that analyzes and visualizes data collected in areas such as road traffic, airports and train stations. BlipTrack helps evaluate, understand and optimize flow, improving infrastructure utilization and traveler experience. The solution captures, integrates, extracts and analyzes data using BlipTrack Bluetooth and WiFi sensors as well as third-party sources such as cameras, radar and inductive loops.

“Working closely with Made4it—who has years of experience in market research, marketing management and marketing data analysis—will create new opportunities to provide our services to a broader range of customers. Combining Made4it's expertise in management information systems and data warehousing with Blip Systems' successful solutions, provides a complete package solution which enables us to be more competitive in a fast growing market,” says BLIP Systems Sales Specialist and Traffic Engineer, Bahar Araghi.

“State of the art technologies play a very important role in the services we provide to our customers. Partnering with BLIP Systems will not only add a new useful technology to our selection of solutions, but will allow us to provide better services to our existing customers. We are also confident that this partnership will attract new customers in both our own and BLIP Systems' market,” says Made4it Managing Partner, Arie Delanote.

Blip Systems and Made4it will collaborate closely to collect data in and around major music and sporting events. The data will help authorities to better understand how events influence, affect and eventually improve, the flow of cars and people. The collected data, using Bluetooth and WiFi sensors, will be analyzed by Made4it to provide the required information for urban planning.

BLIP Systems´ Danish Partner COWI Deploys BlipTrack in Neighboring Copenhagen Municipalities. (June 20th, 2014)

The city of Roskilde is placing 30 sensors which will help the municipality create a documented overview of the traffic challenges, as well as evaluate future improvement initiatives. In the city of Slagelse the solution is established as part of the evaluation of the reduction of bus journey times around the train station. The solution is now used to map journey times in 7 different municipalities, approaching 100 individual sensors, in and around Denmark´s capital of Copenhagen. Since each individual installation is based on a common technical platform, data from each sensor can be combined, and real-time journey times can now be calculated between the cities of Roskilde, Køge, Ballerup and Slagelse.

BLIP Systems airport partner Lockheed Martin is installing the first full-scale installation of the Bliptrack solution in the US. (June 12th, 2014)

BLIP Systems´partner Lockheed Martin has entered an agreement with the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) for the first full-scale installation of the company’s airport passenger management technology in the United States. Read more..

BLIP Systems teams up with Advanced Vision Application Co Ltd (AVA) to take on Chinese Market (May 29th, 2014)

BLIP Systems and Advanced Vision Application Co Ltd (AVA), have announced that they have entered into a reseller partnership. AVA is now offering the solution BlipTrack, that is going to deliver journey time measurements, origin and destination analysis and traffic congestion monitoring to  Chinese cities. 

“We are thrilled to have reached this agreement with Advanced Vision Application Co Ltd and look forward to provide competitive and customized ITS solutions to the Chinese market. Traffic congestion and air pollution are two major problems in China. Increasing traffic and roads with limited capacity is costing billions in burnt fuel and lost productivity, but we are confident that the BlipTrack solution will help to reduce these problems, in an inexpensive and efficient way”, says BLIP Systems Sales Director Preben Andersen.

Beijing Advanced Vision Application Co.Ltd (AVA in short) is a hi-tech company established in Beijing in 2008 . AVA specializes in providing megapixel cameras and advanced traffic products and solutions for the fields of security and ITS. AVA have been working on city traffic surveillance and control for many years and have good relations with local government and police in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai Pudong, Dalian, Suzhou etc.

BLIP Systems hires to strengthen sales (May 2nd, 2014)

We are excited to announce that Bahar Namaki Araghi has joined BLIP Systems as our new Sales Specialist and Traffic Engineer. Bahar joined us after finishing her PhD on application of Bluetooth technology in traffic monitoring. She has a deep understanding of the various aspects of traffic engineering, intelligent transportation systems as well as their applications in traffic monitoring and management.

Bahar has many years of experience with intelligent transportation systems more specifically Bluetooth and WiFi technology and her insight will be key in our future development.

Bahar will be responsible for sales and development of new projects in the area of Bluetooth and WiFi based traffic monitoring, data collection and management.

“I’m very pleased to welcome Bahar at Blip Systems. She has a strong background from the ITS research community as well as the customer side. We have worked closely with Bahar over the last three years and I’m confident that her dedication and technical insight will benefit our customers and partners”, Preben Fugl Andersen, Sales Director.

BlipTrack Sensors to help undertake pedestrian surveys in Wessex UK (April 30th, 2014)

Blip Systems´ UK partner Smart CCTV has been awarded a number of contracts by Network Rail Wessex Region to undertake pedestrian surveys, using ANPR and BlipTrack Bluetooth and WiFi sensors, at level crossings in the region. This project is part of Networks Rail’s program to reduce the risk of accidents at level crossings. The surveys will provide both Network Rail and the Local Highway Authority with the usage data for each targeted crossing so that an informed decision can be made on how to mitigate any risks. 

BlipTrack sensors optimize traffic during IronMan Event in Melbourne ( April 15th, 2014 )

Wireless Technology Proves Useful to Drivers During Tunnel Closures ( February 4th, 2014 )

Bluetooth Sensors Prevail as Snowfall Knocks Out ANPR Cameras (January 22th, 2014)

Last weekend Northern Denmark was hit by snowfall. On a road segment, where BLIP Systems receive and process data from both BlipTrack Bluetooth sensors and ANPR cameras, measurements showed that ANPR was affected by the snowfall.

This case study describes how snowfall affects ANPR cameras and BlipTrack Bluetooth sensors, on an arterial road in a major Danish city. Read more..

Drivers Help City Collect Traffic Data and Optimize Flow (January 8th, 2014)

The Danish Road Directorate has, with the help of BLIP Systems Danish partner COWI, placed BlipTrack Bluetooth sensors at strategic points in the city of Ballerup, located just west of Copenhagen. For three years the sensors will collect data to map journey times for road traffic driving through the city.

Traffic through Ballerup travelling on ring road O4 and on Ballerup Byvej has been a challenge for several years, and the signalized intersections in the area are overloaded.

BlipTrack will help to pinpoint opportunities for improvement as well as identify errors and irregularities, so they can be corrected as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, the collected journey time data makes it possible to evaluate the effect of extending the Frederikssund highway, where BlipTrack provides the Danish Road Directorate and Ballerup Municipality with a solid insight into how traffic flows will change when the new highway opens. Read more..

Swedish City Uses BlipTrack Technology To Ease Traffic (December 13th, 2013)

Near the popular marina in Malmö, the city is experiencing relatively large delays for bus and car traffic due to increased pedestrian and cycle flow. To help ease traffic, the city is installing new traffic signaling and wants to study the impact before, during and after installation. With the help of BLIP Systems´ Swedish partner Peek Traffic, the city has placed combined Bluetooth and Wi-Fi sensors to help measure the effects, fine-tune signaling, and plan ahead.

With traffic data collected from BlipTrack, as the solution is called, the municipality is able to evaluate the potential of the road network, fine-tune signaling and predict how planned roadwork will affect traffic flow. The city also wishes to inform road users of various traffic information, such as increased travel times and alternative routes, at queue and at road works.

“The solution looks very promising, stable, and is providing us with the data we want. The future will give us a much better overview on how we can utilize data in the best possible way”, says Johan Irvenå, Traffic Analyst at Malmö Municipality.

“We have worked with many different systems to collect traffic data. For the purpose of measuring travel time, it is our experience that BlipTrack is a precise and viable solution to support the need for our clients. The system is very easy to install and requires almost no maintenance, reducing costs significantly compared to conventional technologies”, says Peyman Tavakoli, Business Area Manager for Peek Traffic Sweden.

BLIP Systems and Austraffic Join Forces to Fight Traffic Congestion in Australia (November 29th, 2013)

Danish wireless technology company BLIP Systems and Australian traffic and transport data specialists Austraffic partner to help Aussies’ save time in traffic.

Traffic congestion and air pollution are two major problems for cities all over the world. Increasing traffic and roads with limited capacity mean the problem is costing billions in burnt fuel and lost productivity.

Finding the right solutions will require the best and most accurate information, but conventional methods of collecting traffic data are often expensive and need constant maintenance. The answer lies with new wireless technology, which is making it possible to optimize traffic, reduce fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions in a cost efficient and easier manner.  

Over the past two years Austraffic has been actively trialling a range of Bluetooth technologies, to evaluate traffic patterns and provide viable solutions, to help monitor and find answers to reducing congestion. Austraffic chose the BlipTrack solution, from Danish BLIP Systems, highlighting the solution´s stability, quality and repeatability of data. Austraffic has already started working with national and state regulatory, policy and advisory bodies to establish the necessary regulatory regime under which BlipTrack can operate in all states

“We have taken a variety of operational, logistic and reliability factors into consideration in the review before choosing to partner with BLIP Systems and are already seeing some great opportunities to provide new data solutions for a range of clients,” said Managing Director for Austraffic John Reid.

“We are delighted to have reached this agreement with Austraffic and look forward to delivering competitive and customized ITS solutions to traffic-choked Australian roads and cities. Austraffic has been one of the largest players in the traffic data market in Australia for over three decades. We are confident that we have the right solution and now we have found the right partner”, says BLIP Systems Sales Director Preben Andersen.

This is BLIP Systems 7th announced partnership this year. Previously, the following companies have been presented: Bandwidth Telecommunications ( Ireland ), Smart CCTV ( UK ), Peek Traffic ( Sweden ), G4 Apps ( Canada ), Planopor ( Portugal ), and Aventi Technology ( Norway ).

Portsmouth Cuts Journey Time with Wireless Technology (November 18th, 2013)

Portsmouth, on the third most heavily-populated island in the British Isles, like many other cities around the world is struggling with traffic congestion.This cost society billions annually in travel times and fuel consumption, and the environment in increasing CO2 emissions. So the traffic tormented city has turned to new technology from Danish BLIP Systems, a leading provider of wireless traffic management solutions, to fight the pile up of more and more cars in and around the city´s already congested roads. With the help of BLIP Systems´ UK partner Smart CCTV, Portsmouth City Council has placed small BlipTrack sensors on the three most often-congested roads for links to the mainland and the M27/A27 east-west corridor. The sensors measure journey times and speeds, and with this data in hand, the council will be able to warn drivers about queue on VMS displays, through mobile Apps and more. It also provides the city with valuable information about flow, which is useful for planning and optimising traffic.

The installation of the BlipTrack sensors covering the 12 cross-city routes is about 1/10 the cost of an ANPR ( Automatic Number Plate Recognition ) camera solution, ITS UK members were told at their autumn local government conference. Smart CCTV Managing Director Nick Hewitson told delegates: “BlipTrack catches upwards of 40% of vehicles, compared with 95% with ANPR. But this is statistically more than adequate for journey time information”.

Depending on driver feedback, the council is considering rolling out the system more widely, said Project Manager Lee Gilbert at the conference. The solution could also boost the city´s contribution to the Hampshire/Southampton/Portsmouth ROMANCE Traffic and Travel Information Service. Meanwhile Smart CCTV, which is working on several other local authority deployments, is working on an mobile App for drivers.

BlipTrack Sensors Assist MTO On North Americas First Divided Freeway (November 13th, 2013)

The Ontario Ministry of Transportation ( MTO ) is, with the help of BLIP Systems´Canadian partner G4 Apps, using combined Bluetooth and Wi-Fi sensors, to verify travel time prediction algorithms. Each BlipTrack sensor, as the solution is called, covers the entire 6 to 8 lanes on one of Ontario´s busiest highways, the QEW ( Queen Elizabeth Way ), with close to 200.000 average vehicles per day. The sensors are mounted on posts at strategic points in the road network and detect wireless signals from passing cars, registering how long it takes to drive between locations.  With this data MTO is able to detect changes in traffic patterns, better inform motorists and improve the capacity of existing roads.

Commenting on the installation Bob Burrows, CEO of G4Apps, says: “BLIP Systems offer accurate, robust traffic monitoring from the busiest highway to city streets, at very low cost and with no traffic disruption. We are seeing tremendous interest from provincial and city road agencies across Canada and in the US as they all seek to immediately better manage traffic throughout their road networks.” Read more..

Citizens Assists Municipality In Cutting 20 Percent Of Travel Times (October 8th, 2013)

Aarhus municipality uses anonymous data from drivers' cell phones and GPS to assist them in preventing traffic jams. A drastic 20 percent cut in travel times has already been made.
Many mobile phones, GPSs and other electronic devices have built-in Bluetooth, so that they can communicate wirelessly. Aarhus municipality utilizes BLIP Systems’ technology as an important weapon in the fight against traffic jams.
By placing the small sensors in the road network, the road authorities can obtain traffic flow data in real time and proactively manage the road network to minimize delays and congestion.

The municipality started the project in 2011 and currently has nearly 40 sensors placed on the ring road, says project manager Michael Bloksgaard, at Traffic and Roads. He expects that when the BlipTrack solution is fully implemented by the end of the year, around 120 sensors will have been placed. He has no doubt that BlipTrack will be a great tool for the municipality when it comes to preventing clogged roads.

"BlipTrack will be used to locate the areas where we need to optimize routes and identify which roads, motorists can benefit from driving instead," says Michael Bloksgaard.
He says that they are currently working on making the measurements available for all road users, and that the data could be utilized in apps and online.
The municipality has already benefited from using the solution, and it has helped Traffic and Roads in optimizing out-of-sync intersections. In addition, the Road Administration has been able to record that travel times on the ring road has been reduced by up to 20 percent because of green waves. This leads not only to significant economic benefits for the municipality, through reduced travel times and fuel consumption, but also reduced CO2 emissions and improved air quality.
About Aarhus Municipality:
Aarhus Municipality is a dynamic municipality on the east coast of the Jutland peninsula in central Denmark. The municipality covers an area of 469 km2 (181 sq. mi), and has a total population of 315,193 (1,2 million people live in the greater Aarhus Area.) Right now, building projects worth more than 4 billion Euros is underway, creating among other things Northern Europe's biggest hospital and an all-new part of town on the waterfront.


Irish Bandwidth Telecommunications and BLIP Systems Announce Reseller Partnership (October 4th, 2013)

BLIP Systems has appointed Bandwidth Telecommunications as their Irish value added reseller

Bandwidth Telecommunications is now offering BlipTrack, that is going to deliver journey time, origin and destination, traffic congestion monitoring and traffic management solutions to congested Irish cities and roads.
Commenting on the agreement Eamonn O´Donnell, Managing Director of Bandwidth Telecommunications Ltd., said: “We are pleased to be representing Blip Systems in Ireland. BlipTrack is an advanced solution for road deployments, incorporating leading edge technology. The system includes advanced reporting and integration possibilities."
“We are delighted to have reached this agreement with Bandwidth Telecommunications and look forward to deliver competitive and customized ITS solutions. Together With Bandwidths expertise and technical know-how, in the Irish traffic segment, we look forward to take on new territories”, says BLIP Systems Sales Director Preben Andersen.

About Bandwidth Telecommunications ltd.:
Bandwidth Telecommunications are an Irish owned and managed systems integration company founded in 1996. The company consult on, design, install and maintain technology solutions for both private and public sector clients. Their expertise lies in IP telecommunications, connectivity and CCTV over IP. Bandwidth have an impressive customer base comprising of public sector clients, corporate clients and small to medium sized clients.

Odense turns to BlipTrack to fight congestion (Sept. 30, 2013)

As the debate over how to improve mobility across Denmark continues, Odense Council has announced plans to instal Bluetooth sensors for optimising traffic flow in and around the nation’s third largest city.

BlipTrack, as the system is called, will initially place sensors primarily along the motorway that encircles Odense, and will collect information about travel times and traffic flow.

“The sensors are mounted on posts at strategic points in the road network and will detect Bluetooth signals from passing cars, registering how long it takes to drive from A to B,” BLIP Systems, the company in charge of the more

BlipTrack Monitor Portsmouth´s Road Network (Sept. 25, 2013)

BLIP Systems UK partner Smart CCTV has installed installed a city wide BlipTrack Bluetooth and Wi-Fi sensing based traffic management system in the city of Portsmouth. Portsmouth is located on an island with three key roads into and out of the city. Smart CCTV have deployed a number of Bliptrack Bluetooth and Wi-Fi sensors at key points on the road network. Portsmouth City Council’s Traffic Department can access journey time, average speed and traffic congestion information via standard web browsing technology to obtain real time information on how the city’s road network is running.

BlipTrack Shows Big Savings In New Zealand Highway Project (Sept. 17, 2013)

There is an increasing requirement for infrastructure providers to demonstrate the benefits of targeted projects are being delivered. With respect to major road projects, these benefits are, using traditional technologies, often long term and strategic in nature as the return on investment takes time. So to provide both rapid assessment whilst gathering data for longer term evaluation, in an ongoing four-lane highway project in the Waikato region, the New Zealand Transport Agency ( NZTA ) is using BlipTrack Bluetooth sensors from the Danish wireless technology company BLIP Systems.

Some of the major benefits, that the NZTA expect from the new highway is reduced journey times, increased highway capacity and passing opportunities, reduced traffic congestion, reduced fuel costs and CO2 emissions and improved reliability of the transport network. To measure the effectiveness of the new Expressway, BlipTrack sensors recorded traffic flows on the Te Rapa section of the Waikato Expressway for approximately 3 months prior to its opening and after opening. The sensors were configured to not only detect the journey time changes but also the relative proportion of traffic using the new and old routes. Based on this large data set it has been possible to demonstrate significant journey time savings totaling yearly savings of 7.6 million dollars to the New Zealand economy . These initial results compare favorably to the time savings predicted in the highway project investigation stage. The initial findings can be re-evaluated later in the year to compare data unaffected by seasonal variance / holiday traffic


BLIP Systems and Smart CCTV announce partnership to deliver wireless solution to traffic tormented British cities (September 9, 2013)

In a world where more and more cars fill up already congested roads, the need for innovative solutions to ease the traffic is vital. Today road authorities spend millions on expensive and high maintenance technologies to measure and analyse road traffic, so when Smart CCTV learned that BLIP Systems made an easier and less expensive solution to collect traffic data, called BlipTrack, the two companies decided to partner with the objective of implementing the technology to British roads and cities.
Commenting on the agreement Nick Hewitson, Managing Director of Smart CCTV Ltd, said: “We have been looking at products in this area for about 18 months and we believe that the BLIP Systems solution offers not only a highly robust sensing technology but also a world-class cloud-based traffic management tool which makes the BlipTrack system easy to install, maintain and it is highly cost effective.”
“We see a high potential for BlipTrack in the UK market and together with Smart CCTV we can deliver competitive and customized ITS solutions to British road authorities”, says BLIP Systems Sales Director Preben Andersen.

This is BLIP Systems 5th announced partnership in 2013.

Randers municipality extends BlipTrack solution (August 6, 2013)

Our Danish partner Cowi have expanded the BlipTrack solution from 7 to 20 sensors in the municipality of Randers, with the objectives of:

  • Estimate the proportion of traffic through the city. Especially in and around the bridge.
  • Estimate the traffic distribution from accessing roads entering the city.  ( Highway E45 and Randersbro Bridge )
  • Estimate the choice of route for traffic to and from the port of Randers.
  • Calulate travel times in the city center and all accessing roads.

Randers municipality initially installed BlipTrack sensors to improve public transportation via traffic signal optimization (click to watch TV news report) but have been so pleased with the solution that they have now expanded the system to cover most of the city of Randers.

Expanding in New Zealand (July 25, 2013)

Our New Zealand partner BECA has once again installed several new BlipTrack sensors and now covers over 600 km of state highway network on the North Island. The expansion was made to gain a better understanding of strategic trips through the Waikato region and to link townships across the region. The main focus has been on north-south trips. Two of the main north-south trips were covered already, but the extended network now includes a third north-south route. Early exploration of Bluetooth data suggests, that this third route might actually be the primary route for trips that cross the island.

BLIP Systems and AVENTI Technology Announce Strategic Partnership (July 3, 2013)

BLIP Systems and Aventi Technology launch collaboration to expand the BlipTrack tracking solution to the Norwegian market.
Across the globe, cities and roads are becoming increasingly congested and the need for innovative solutions to ease traffic is crucial, as the possibilities for expanding existing roads are limited. With BLIP Systems combined Bluetooth & Wi-Fi solution BlipTrack and the experience of Norwegian system integrator specialists Aventi Technology, the two companies have joined forces with the goal of providing Norwegian cities with new innovative ways of fighting traffic congestion.

“We are pleased to have entered partnership with BLIP Systems, and are looking forward to implementing their Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology, to collect real time data for use in our existing ITS solutions, to improve traffic flow and security in urban areas”, says General Manager Terje Hundere, Aventi Technology AS.
"The unique capabilities Aventi has in road traffic, automation and telematics, complement our BlipTrack solution, and will provide added value to Norwegian customers”, says Sales Director Preben Andersen, BLIP Systems

BLIP Systems & Planopor join forces (June 25, 2013)

BLIP Systems and Planopor have announced a broad strategic partnership that combines the proven wireless solutions of BLIP Systems with experienced consultancy company Planopor to introduce the BlipTrack traffic solution for traffic tormented Portuguese roads and cities.

This is Blip Systems third announced partnership this year and with the addition of Planopor, BlipTrack is now represented in Portugal, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Canada, New Zealand and Iceland in the traffic segment.

BLIP Systems & Peek Traffic in Scandinavian Partnership (May 14, 2013)

BLIP Systems and Peek Traffic have announced a broad strategic partnership that combines the proven wireless solutions of BLIP Systems with the experienced and well-established PEEK Traffic Sweden AB to introduce the BlipTrack solution for traffic tormented Scandinavian cities. Read more..

Technology Makes Traffic Run Smoother (April 17, 2013)

We all know the feeling of driving in rush hour traffic, and every day the annoying traffic jams occur at the same locations. The result is that you spend a lot of unnecessary time getting to and from work. But a new solution can alleviate the worst traffic jams. In the Municipality of Koege, near Copenhagen in Denmark, traffic jams occur as they do everywhere else, much to the annoyance of drivers. However, the municipality has plans to do something about that with the assistance of the Bluetooth solution BlipTrack™. Read more..

Danish Engineering To Optimise Passenger Flow (April 11, 2013)

Many countries strive to make more efficient and comfortable public transport hubs and are looking for effective solutions that can solve this task. Recently Danish company BLIP Systems partnered with Dutch railway experts NPC to measure the passengers’ movements at Dutch railway stations by using Bluetooth and Wi-fi tracking. The goal is to optimise flow and reduce congestion at train stations. Read more..

BLIP Systems Team Up With Canadian G4 Apps (March 6, 2013)

BLIP Systems and G4 Apps today announced a broad strategic partnership that combines the proven wireless solutions of BLIP Systems with ambitious driver assistance and traffic management software company G4 Apps to provide North America with the BlipTrack™ traffic solution. Read more here..

New Zealand uses Bluetooth tracking to measure travel time (January 24, 2013)

Blip Systems’ Bluetooth tracking equipment is being used by the New Zealand government to demonstrate the benefits of investment in the country’s transportation network. The Danish company’s BlipTrack™ technology has been deployed and operated by Beca, one of the largest infrastructure consultancies in the Australasia region. The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) has used information from the system to successfully demonstrate the travel savings provided by the newly completed US$160 million Te Rapa Bypass. Read more..


TV News Report On How Traffic is optimized By Using BlipTrack™ Bluetooth Sensors

BLIP Systems opens sales office in Roskilde, Denmark (November 27, 2012)

BLIP Systems, the leader in Bluetooth & Wi-fi tracking for traffic and airports, announces the opening of their new sales office. Located just outside Copenhagen in Roskilde, the new office will oversee BLIP Systems expanding business within the road traffic segment. Preben Andersen, Sales Director at BLIP Systems is looking forward to the task ahead: “It’s a great and exciting challenge to support customers in such a fast-paced environment. I am confident that we can provide high quality products, excellent service and high customer satisfaction to our partners and customers in Europe.”

BLIP Systems is also planning to open a sales office in Germany in 2013.

BLIP Systems hires Preben Fugl Andersen as Sales Director (November 2, 2012)

BLIP Systems has announced the appointment of Preben Fugl Andersen to the role of Sales Director.

Preben, 47, will be responsible for the sales and marketing internationally of BLIP Systems Bluetooth & Wi-Fi tracking traffic solution BlipTrack™.

Preben has many years of experience from the IT industry by including IBM and Sun Microsystems. Since 2007, Preben was employed in the traffic industry as
Director of Swarco Denmark and later as an independent traffic consultant.

“Preben has the right sales competencies, combined with industry knowledge within traffic solutions. His IT background is an additional plus in terms of our product,” says BLIP Systems CEO Peter Knudsen.


Technology manages traffic and airline passengers (October 28, 2012)

Danes who have mobile phones, GPS devices or other devices with Bluetooth connection in their car, unknowingly help quantify the traffic flow, congestion and travel times in Aarhus, “The City of Smiles”.
Read more..

Traffic examined via Bluetooth (October 20, 2012)

Via wireless networks like Bluetooth in smartphones,GPS devices and cars, the municipality of Randers is currently collecting data to establish if buses and
cars can possibly move more smoothly through the city’s worst bottleneck, Randersbro.

Read more..

Randers municipality to reduce bus driving times (October 10, 2012)

Randers Municipality is currently running a project with the purpose of getting the public transport to flow more smoothly through the city

Read more..

Mobile phones are to checkmate tailbacks (October 5, 2012)

BlipTrack™ sensors has been put up at strategic locations around the ring streets, the ring roads and the main roads of Aarhus Municipality.

They register all passing cars with Bluetooth turned on.The data collected by the BlipTrack™ system can be used to measure the travel times and warn off
congestions and delays.

Read more..

Functioning Mayor of Aalborg visit BLIP Systems (October 3, 2012)

BLIP Systems received yesterday a visit from Aalborg Municipality functioning Mayor Thomas Kastrup-Larsen, who praised the company, calling BLIP Systems:

"A really promising IT company"

We at BLIP Systems would like to thank Thomas for visiting.

BlipTrack™ Airport Newsletter - (September 2012)

BLIP Systems is once again setting new standards with cutting edge tracking technology combining Bluetooth & Wi-Fi. Click HERE for the BLIP Systems Airport newsletter to read all about the improvements of the BlipTrack™ Airport tracking solution.

Toronto Pearson to implement BlipTrack™ (September 11, 2012)

Amor will be installing North America’s largest passenger tracking system utilising the world’s first commercial implementation of BluFi, delivered by the BlipTrack™ element of ChromaACDB. BlipTrack™ is the first system in the world to track mobile phones, completely anonymously, through augmented Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections as passengers move through the airport. Read more..

Milan Malpensa Airport goes live with BlipTrack™ (August 3, 2012)

Operators of Italy’s Milan Malpensa and Linate airports has gone live with Italy’s first Bluetooth queue measurement system to help manage queues and improve the airport experience for passengers. Milan Malpensa is Italy’s second largest airport and rivals London Stansted for passenger numbers, handling 19m passengers a year. Read more..

BLIP Systems teams up with Icelandic ÍSMAR (July 10, 2012)

BLIP Systems has made a partnership with Icelandic entrepreneur company ÍSMAR who specializes in equipment for land surveying, laser technology and other high-tech equipment.

ÍSMAR was founded in 1982 and has extensive experience in sales, servicing and maintenance of ITS and traffic technical material.

We look forward to work with Ísmar and introduce BlipTrack™ to the Icelandic market.

BLIP Systems hires again to strengthen customer support ( May 8, 2012 )

BLIP Systems is experiencing high increase in interest and workload in both our sales and support departments. So we are pleased to announce that we have hired Jacob Krusager for the system consultant position, to strengthen our customer support level.

Jacob is 40 years old and lives in Øster Hassing, close to Blip Systems, with his wife and dog and has a passion for music and motorbikes.

He has an extensive background running his own company where he worked as a consultant in project management, development & operation, and focused primarily on clients in Telco, finance and government.

The strengthening of BLIP Systems customer support will help continue to ensure BLIP Systems’ customers the highest level of support and service.

We bid Jacob welcome to the BLIP family and look forward to working with him.

Helsinki-Vantaa Airport Follows Oslo and Copenhagen with Selection of Bluetooth Solution ( April 2, 2012 )

Finavia, operator of 25 airports within Finland, has selected the Bluetooth passenger tracking solution, PAXPath+, provided by leading aviation solutions provider Amor Group, to help measure passenger queue and total processing time at Helsinki-Vantaa (HEL) airport. Read More...

BLIP Systems hires 2 new employees (Jan 23th, 2012)

BLIP Systems is happy to announce that we have hired Christian Carstens and Rasmus Nørgaard.

Christian is our new Marketing Coordinator and will be responsible for ads, newsletters, web, PR and sales materials. Christian is 36 years old, lives in Aalborg and has previously worked at ELAP A/S & Nordic Trading Company.

Rasmus is our new Sales manager and will be responsible for the sale of BlipTrack™ to new and existing customers/partners in Europe. Rasmus is 39 years old, lives in Aalborg and has previously worked at Nowaco & Royal Corbela.

The strengthening of BLIP Systems sales and marketing departments, will help to ensure BLIP Systems continued growth in the traffic segment.

BlipTrack to enter North American airports? (Jan 4th, 2012)

BLIP Systems partner AMOR Group has teamed up with ARINC to offer BlipTrack™ to North American airports.

BLIP among top 500 in Denmark (Nov 4th, 2011)

According to a new survey made by Greens Analyseinstitut, a Danish leading financial analytical company, BLIP Systems A/S is among the 500 most successful companies in Denmark, measured on growth in Gross Turnover the period 2008 to 2010.

Article in BECA News (Oct 26th, 2011)

BLIP Systems partner Beca issued an article on the BlipTrack™ in Auckland Airport in their Beca Airport News Issue 13

Dubai Airport (Sept 2nd, 2011)

Dubai Airports selects BLIP Systems integration partner AMOR GROUP to deliver aviations most comprehensive service measurement programme, based on the BlipTrack™ solution.

First Bluetooth traffic measurements in Stockholm (Sept 1st, 2011)

BLIP Systems partner Amparo Solutions has been selected by Stockholms City to make the first trails with Bluetooth traffic measurements.
The City recognizes BlipTrack™ Bluetooth measurements as a more cost effective and more efficient technology for journey time measurement and Origin/Destination analyzes, compared to existing ANPR solutions.

Aalborg i Rødt (in Danish) (Aug 31st, 2011)

“Aalborg in Red” (Aalborg i Rødt) is the branding of a bi-yearly 5 days festival arranged by Aalborg City Association with long opening hours, artists performing and a range of other activities in the center of Aalborg.
COWI, a BLIP Systems partner, has been selected to prove the impact of the numbers of visitors in Aalborg City during the festival, and has selected BlipTrack™ as their operational tool.
View article (in Danish) from Nordjyske - and watch TV News Spot from 24Nordjyske