BlipTrack™ sensors show pedestrian flow in Hjørrings public transport centre.

Hjørring Municipality didn´t want to base new city planning on guesses – so they asked Blip Systems to reveal the actual daily use of the train station, bus station and a large public parking place.

Hjørring is located on the west coast of Vendsyssel-Thy - at the top of the Jutland peninsula in northern Denmark. It is the largest city in Vendsyssel.  Our customer Hjørring Municipality wanted a documentation of passenger flow between different typed of public and private transport in order to optimize future city area layout. 

A total of 5 BlipTrack™ sensors were mounted at the national train platform, the local train platform, the bus station and at the parking area – in order to gather movement information on the passengers.

This setup revealed valuable data showing peak hours throughout the day, weekly patterns and transit and waiting times. Besides this, a complete table with percentage of passengers changing from one transportation type to another was made.

The survey, which was made during 1 month in November 2010, gave the customer a clear picture on passenger movement between the different types of transportation. Instead of creating a layout based on guesses, the city planners were now able to make a new layout for the area: Plans based on the travelers actual daily use of the existing area.